Is Microsoft pushing too hard? Poll!

Do you think it’s ok that they give Windows 7 only a timespan of 2 years until they release their new OS?
Of course, Microsoft will continue to work on Windows 7 and release service packs and Vista Service Pack 2 has just been released a few ago!

But aren’t they pushing a bit too hard? If you spend $200 or more for a software and it will be replaced after just two years by something better, do you think that’s fair or necessary?

Obviously, there’s a great need for new operating system that are capable to use the capacity of new technology. Operating systems are clearly a little bit behind in development and Microsoft realized that there is no operating system that is optimized for multi-cores or cloud computing. Don’t you think they simply have to move on to reach the “next level”?
I think so! Windows Azure, Barrelfish, Singularity, Midori but also Windows 8 are needed. It’s great that every OS focuses on something different.
Windows 8 will be a major release that will hopefully bring a lot of new innovations. Windows 8 will not be built from scratch and it will use the MinWin kernel that Windows 7 is already using, but it will bring enhanced security, a new GUI and more innovations that are simply needed to move on.

What is your opinion?

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- Cheers!