Internet Protocol: How to find IP addresses on Windows 8 (local and online IP)

An IP address is a unique ‘numerical label’ assigned to every device, such as computer, printer, etc. for communication purposes. You will need an IP address for a broadband connection and/or to LAN. If you need to find your IP address, then just go through the instructions.

IPv4 address

1. Open the command prompt by holding down Win+R key and entering cmd. Press Enter.

2.Once the Command Prompt is open, type in ipconfig and hit enter.

IPv4 address

3.Now scroll down and look for the IP address of your device. This would be the IPV4 address of your system.

4. To find out your online IP address go to a popular website like – this is the IP that you are broadcasting to websites out there. All websites that you visit have this IP in their log files (including ours)

So, not for one minute think you are browsing anonymously, even if you are behind 10 proxies and 10 VPN’s, there are ways to track you.

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