Intel Talks Of 20 Atom Tablets And 140 Ultrabooks In The Works For Windows 8

Paul Otellini of Intel has once again announced some numbers related to Windows 8 device in the making and according to him there are as many as 20 Intel Windows 8 Tablets in the design phase at various manufacturers.

20 Windows 8 Atom Tablets and 140 Ultrabooks coming up, says Intel

Windows 8 Tablets And Ultrabooks By The Dozens: Intel

Intel’s Paul Otellini recently stated that Intel partners all over the world have 20 Atom powered Windows 8 tablets in the works and also 140 Ultrabook models. All of these devices are expected to be on hand as Microsoft launches Windows 8 later this year. Intel and its partners seem to be casting a wide net in the hopes of understanding who their new audience would be, since Windows 8 is quite an unknown variable at the moment.

The Intel Atom so far has not seen much proven use in tablets and the most successful tablet — the Apple iPad — runs on a modified ARM chip called A5, produced in house by Apple. The main problem with the Atom chips is not the power but the energy consumption that has so far made it not very suitable for mobile devices such as tablets. To solve this problem, Intel came out with Medfield line of Atom chips that provide much more realistic competition to the likes of Qualcomm and Texas Instruments (two of the giants of ARM-based SoCs).

The Windows Tablets however will be powered by the latest in Atom chips — the Clover Trail family. These chipsets will be released in the second half of 2012. These chips boast dual-core capabilities and bears a 32nm SoC. The follow up to Clover Trail is called Bay Trail and it is will be a 22nm SoC.

Even though Intel is the largest chipmaker in the business, its presence in the mobile segment is negligible so far. Here, the roost is ruled by the ARM chip makers we named earlier along with others such as NVIDIA and Apple (who make chips for their own products).

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