Intel Promises $699 Ultrabooks: Soon (Possibly With Windows 8)

Intel says the fabled $699 ultrabook will appear some time soon, as per an interview conducted on the eve of the Ultrabook Symposium at Taipei.

$700 ultrabooks are coming out soon

$699 Ultrabooks Are On Their Way: Intel

Vice President of Intel’s Architecture Group Navin Shenoy gave an interview to and talked about how Intel was going to be aggressive in the Ultrabook market and cut in to Apple’s MacBook shares. With 35 models already available in the market, Intel is looking forward to bringing more in to the market. As many 140 designs are currently being readied for the platform, apparently.

Intel wants to sell Ultraooks that start at $699 in order to further reduce dominance from Apple’s MacBook Air. Some of the older Sandy-Bridge ultrabook models have touched that price for a while but then Intel wants to make more of a constant thing than leave it up to the market forces. There are a lot of generic Ultrabook models rushing in to the market in big waves from all the major manufacturers. But Intel is looking forward instead to some 40 touch-enabled models that will be entering the markets soon enough according to the chipmaker. These models will apparently be released in the fourth quarter of 2012, around the same time as when Windows 8 is scheduled to be launched.

Intel also has some major plans for the upcoming chip Haswell. This future processor will see a speed boost and also a power cut, making it a far superior chip than the current ones. It will also make Intel compete at par with ARM for the mobile space. For Windows 8, Haswell, means having the same advantages as ARM on Intel; meaning full Windows 8 with the mobility of ARM chips. This would bring Intel tablets up to scratch to be really comparable with ARM tablets.

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