Intel Looking To Break In To iPad Market With Windows 8 And Clover Trail

It is not secret that Intel has been wanting to break in to the ARM dominated mobile market for quite some time and now the company believes it has the right ingredients in the form of the new Clover Trail SoC and Windows 8 from Microsoft.

Intel bets big on Windows 8 Clover Trail tablets

Intel Bets On Clover Trail Windows 8 Tablets

Intel is now hoping more than ever to take out some market share in the fast growing mobile market and push ARM and the iPad around to gain some footing. It has released its latest Atom chip, codenamed Clover Trail and it believes this SoC has what it takes to beat ARM chips. Intel pitch is very simple — ARM type performance and battery life with the advantages of the x86 architecture. And that advantages is of course the ability to run the full Windows experience on Windows 8.

The chips are said to bring about better battery life and full HD Video to tablets at the same time. Intel already dominates the PC market, so it is natural for the company to want to dominate any extension of that market. With Windows 8, that market is now all of the major consumer electronics markets – PCs, notebooks, hybrids, tablets and smartphones. This combined with Intel’s desire to overtake ARM will only strengthen their resolve to make more power efficient chips, which in the end will benefit the end user with more options and a better native Windows experience.

Intel-based Windows 8 tablets will be coming out in October and November around the Windows 8 launch and its aftermath. Clover Trail has improved on the previous generations of Atom and is now faster yet more power efficient. The trick this time was to make it smaller (32 nanometer process) to minimize power leakage.

Manufacturers have already started showing off their creations with Windows 8 and Clover Trail with big names like Lenovo and HP having revealed their upcoming tablets.

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