Intel CEO Says Windows 8 Is Not Ready For The Masses Yet

Intel chief Paul Otellini has been heard telling his employees that Windows 8 still has bugs and is not ready for general consumption just yet even though the OS has been released to manufacturing earlier this month.

Windows 8 is buggy and not ready for the masses, Intel CEO Paul Otellini tells employees

Intel Chief Claims Windows 8 Still Has Bugs

Windows 8 is all set to be released to the general masses late in October on the 26th along with a lot of fan fare as the entire PC industry prepares to launch a positive tidal wave of Windows 8 hardware. A lot of this hardware has already been announced, revealed or leaked on to the internet. So it is understandable that the excitement around Windows 8 is reaching a fever pitch now. And this is when Intel CEO Paul Otellini was heard telling his employees that Windows 8 is still buggy and not fit to be released to the masses.

Otellini spoke at a company meeting in China and told the employees assembled there that Windows 8 was not fully ready to be released yet. He said Microsoft is pushing it out before it is fully baked. This information was provided to the press by one of the attendees from the meeting, which was a private one. For obvious reasons, the person has asked to remain anonymous lest a backlash costs him/her a job at Intel.

Microsoft is of course very eager to push Windows 8 and set the wheels of the PC industry rolling once more. With the entire industry bearing down on the company to deliver a product that saves them all, it is quite clear that Microsoft is under a lot of performance pressure to come up with a good OS on time. This has especially been heightened by the stiff competition that Microsoft is facing from Google and Apple in the mobile sector. Mobile is fast becoming the most important and fastest growing segment in consumer electronics and Microsoft does not want to be left behind.

Additionally, releasing by late October is necessitated by the approaching holiday season where the PC industry stands to make a lot of money off a new platform. It has to be noted that Microsoft and quite a few other companies are releasing some of the more important pieces of hardware much later in January next year in 2013.

Windows 8 has bugs and is not ready for the masses, Intel CEO Paul Otellini tells employees

All of these factors combined create a situation where Windows 8 development was under a lot of pressure to change the PC world and change it fast. So it is believable that Microsoft has been hurrying up with the development of the next revolutionary upgrade to its Windows Operating System. But then how unprepared could the OS be for Otellini to make such a statement?

Turning the pages of history, it is not uncommon to find a new OS riddled with bugs that have somehow skipped the lengthy review process that is both internal and public. And it is possible that Windows 8 still has some wrinkles that need to be sorted out. Analyst Michael Cherry of Directions echoes Otellini in a way, saying even though Windows is of sound structure at its core at the moment it does not have a lot of major applications. And PC makers do not have the time to sort out the hardware driver issues that are bound to occur with the new OS. Several other analysts have voiced similar concerns on previous occasions.

This of course takes us back to the Vista debacle which most of us will remember as (quite possibly) Microsoft’s darkest hour. However, that chapter is long since closed and the baton has changed hands internally and this time Windows development is under new leadership; leadership that has shown great performance pulling Windows out of Vista and in to the successful Windows 7 era.

Windows 8 has been in general usage for quite some time through the public beta builds and as far as the regular user is concerned, things should work just fine. Regular surfing, media playback and basic work-related computing should do just fine. Driver related problems will surely occur immediately after launch as a huge number of PCs receive the OS. But most companies are expected to swiftly patch those. In fact, they would be on the look out for such things around the launch. And Microsoft will also be on their toes to maintain great support for Windows 8 so that the holiday sales don’t suffer. So if you were planning to become part of the first wave of Windows 8 users, don’t hesitate. There are always problems with brand new technology but then they are usually solved quickly enough exactly because they are new.

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