IE10 On Windows 8: The Metro Version Vs The Desktop Version

Internet Explorer 10 or IE10 on Windows 8 comes in two version — the Desktop and Metro — and here’s how they are similar yet so very different.

Windows 8 Ie10 Metro

Dealing With The Split Personality Of IE10 On Windows 8

You can choose which version of IE10 will be your default browser on Windows 8. The factory setting is contextual — links clicked in Metro open in Metro and links from Desktop open in Desktop. Which is basically great for those who have a different workflow for each Metro and Desktop. However, most of us just want a simple, one thing does it all browsing experience. So here’s a closer look at the two sides of IE10 and you can then choose which on you like best. Spoiler: if you have a tablet or touchscreen PC, things are pretty much self-explanatory — you are far better of using Metro.

There are two major differences between the two side of IE10 and one major similarity. The first and obvious difference lies in the UI, of course, as the Desktop side looks more like what have been used to on Windows so far and the Metro side is more about touch based controls and minimal design. The other difference lies in the fact that IE10 on Metro is devoid of any plugin. It is pushing the Internet to become self-reliant using recent developments like HTML5. So there’s no Flash or Active X. However, those technologies are still present in the Desktop side.

The major similarity is in the background — they are both based on the same engine and they share things like history items.

Experience-wise, Metro is much more immersive. Everything gets out of your way as soon as you stop using them, leaving you with a fullscreen view of whatever page you are on. If you need any of the tools, they are just a swipe or a tap away. Plus there are quick shortcuts to frequently visited sites and pinned sites that you can access on the fly. The Desktop mode on the other hand is exactly what Internet Explorer has been like all this time with its toolbars and menus; perfect for power users and those who absolutely must have plugins.

So choose your use-case scenario and you will automatically know which one’s the best for you. However, if you are on a touchscreen, you will absolutely love using the Metro version and would probably have a frustrating time with the Desktop edition.

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