IE10: How to change default view for links in the Metro Internet Explorer 10?

Changing the default view for links in the Metro Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8 is easy

IE10 Image

Microsoft‘s new venture windows 8 presents the Metro User Interface. In the Metro UI, there are 2 versions of many things, here we have two version of Control Panel, two version of Internet Explorer etc. Here we will discuss about the metro version of Internet Explorer. By default, when you click on a new link in the Metro Internet Explorer, it will open in a new tab and that tab will be brought to the front by Internet Explorer. But you can change these default settings. Here is the way, you have to follow the instructions given below carefully.

1. Open the normal Control Panel and navigate to Internet Options.

open Control Panel

2. Now switch to the Programs tab. First, you will see a dropdown list under Choose how you open links.
Select Always in Internet Explorer on the Desktop form that list.

Change Internet Option

Now click Ok to apply the new settings.

click ok

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