IDC Analysts Says New Windows 8 Devices Are Too Expensive

All the new Windows 8 devices that have come out are priced far too high, according to IDC analyst Bob O’Donnell.

New and Upcoming Windows 8 devices like the Lenovo Yoga series are just too expensive, says IDC analyst

Windows 8 Devices Are Still Too Expensive According To Analyst

IDC analyst Bob O’Donnell is not impressed by the Windows 8 pricing that he has seen so far. According to him, the prices are still too high to be attractive and thinks that it would fare poorly in the PC market. So far the prices for tablets and convertibles have been swinging around the $499 to $1099 range. The lower one is by Acer and the higher by Lenovo. And neither are competitive enough to topple the iPad at the moment that is selling for quite a lot cheaper. Talking about the pricing factor in recent past, O’Donnell told tech news site CNET about the historical data of devices that were price higher than the iPad. Not a very good picture there for sure.

The cheapest of Windows 8 tablet, the Iconia from Acer is priced at $499 and then if you add the keyboard dock, it jumps up to $749. And then there’s the IdeaPad Yoga 11 that run Windows RT (the limited version of Windows that runs on ARM chips) and is priced at $799. O’Donnell called it out for being too pricey and said it is definitely not going to be a prime choice for those who are looking for an iPad replacement. And since a lot of the cheaper versions are using modern versions of the Atom processors that were used in netbooks, the higher price is not perceived as a justifiable.

With the market heating up for more product announcements, there’s still chance for the likes of Dell to do things differently. Lower prices will definitely help the PC market take off once more by riding the Windows 8 wave. Microsoft has already shown that its Surface tablets will be priced much higher than the iPad, especially with the keyboard dock.

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