HUGE: Windows 8 Tablets To Reach 80 Inch In Size:Microsoft

Move over Toshiba’s tablet, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has the largest tablet hanging on his office wall running Windows 8 and measuring 80 inches.
Windows 8 to be sold in large 80inch touchscreens

Microsoft Chief Works On An 80inch Windows 8 Tablet In His Office

A spokesperson for Microsoft has said that Steve Ballmer uses an 80inch touchscreen in office to run Windows 8 and take care of productivity and communications. According to Frank Shaw, the spokesperson, Ballmer has gotten rid of his phone and notepaper and only uses the giant Windows 8 tablet to perform those tasks. This 80inch behemoth is hung on his office wall.

It would sound like the whim and fancy of the chief of a multi-billion dollar company but according to Shaw, it is actually the basis of a future product. They are actually planning to sell these large touchscreen interfaces in the near future. He would not reveal any details about the date, pricing or the manufacturer either. Our take on this is simple — the future of the ‘Surface’ computers that Microsoft sells as expensive installations to places like large hotel chains and retail businesses.

So far, the official word from Microsoft claims 27inch as the largest possible touchscreen device for Windows 8. They call these touchscreen devices “family hub” devices. Whilst talking about screen sizes earlier this year in March, David Washington (Microsoft Senior Program Manager) said it would cater to families who want to opt for an all-in-one device with a huge touchscreen for using to display photos and share things with the entire family.

Shaw further commented on the possibility of larger touchscreens coming to consumer market via the commercial market. He mentioned how all of these technologies start at the commercial level and then gradually come down to the consumer level. We would like to add that it also becomes much more refined by the time it comes to the consumer.

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