Huawei Prepares To Launch W1 Windows Phone 8 Smartphones

Huawei, the Chinese company that has a large number of telecommunication devices to their credit in every sector, is now preparing to try their luck with Windows Phone 8 with a brand new smartphone.

Huawei working on new Windows Phone 8 device

Huawei To Bring Out New Smartphone Based On Windows Phone 8

Huawei, a Chinese company that is known for manufacturing a large number of telecommunication devices such as mobile dongles, has entered an agreement with Microsoft to make a Windows Phone 8 device by the end of this year. Called the W1, the smartphone will be featuring the latest mobile platform from Microsoft and might be launched as soon as late in September this year, on the 25th of the month.

The device itself is quite an unknown quantity at this point and not much is known about it. Huawei has apparently opted for a design approach that is completely different from its line of Android phones. Sources have talked about the engineering prototype already being tested out at the Huawei facilities. There apparently four different colors being prepared, black, white blue and pink.

Huawei’s interest in Windows is quite understandable. As a company that wants to break in to mainstream computing, there’s a lot of scope in Windows 8 to make a jump from manufacturing just telecommunications devices to manufacturing consumer computing devices such as ultrabooks and tablets. With the unified approach of the new platform that ties in all of the common devices (PC, tablet and phone) together, it is an ideal platform for such companies to take the plunge in to. However, with almost every company trying their hands at multiple Windows 8 devices, only a few will emerge successful in the long run. We will have to wait and see whether Huawei becomes one of them. Their Android devices have done well enough in their own markets but they are not really known outside of their home turf as phone makers.

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