HTC Shunned By Microsoft In The Windows 8 Wave

Windows 8 might not appear on future HTC devices, an unofficial report citing anonymous sources recently suggested.

HTC might not make any Windows 8 devices

Is Microsoft Blocking HTC From Releasing Windows 8 Devices?

There has been no official confirmation of this but as recent report has suggested, Microsoft may have cut of Taiwanese manufacturer HTC from the Windows 8 party. The report cited people who are close to the matter as the source of this information.

People familiar with the matter said Microsoft is cutting off HTC from Windows 8 simply because the Redmond software company is not certain of HTC’s capability to produce enough sales. This, they said, was rooted in the fact that Microsoft does not see HTC has having enough experience in making devices to make noteworthy phones and tablets that will sell.

This has added to HTC’s current woes that include a recent 13% drop in earnings forecast for the next quarter, as well as shortages from chipmaker Qualcomm. Now with Microsoft’s shunning, it will make it even more difficult for HTC to compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung — the two companies that are leading the mobile space right now with mobile handset and tablet sales. Experts agree on this outcome with an analyst from Avian Securities called Matthew Thornton telling Washington Post recently that consumers are well acquainted with the iPhone (Apple) and the Galaxy Series of devices (Samsung). He said they are beginning to gather around them, right after he adjusted his prediction of HTC to “negative”.

There are also rumors afoot that point at HTC’s closer ties with Google as Microsoft’s reason to cut it off. Since HTC is known to have worked closely with Google and might be doing so in the near future, rumors claim Microsoft does not want to add to its own competition by strengthening the company. However, that logic will not hold much from a business point of view because manufacturers are historically known for working with multiple platforms and their respective owners.

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