HTC Might Also Make A Windows 8 Tablet

HTC has been talking about making a tablet that will set them apart from the competitors and it just might be a Windows 8 tablet.

HTC tablet

HTC’s CEO Talks About HTC’s Tablet Plans

HTC CEO Peter Chou recently said:

“Tablet is a market we would like to try and test, to see whether we can make ourselves stand out and prevent a me-too product”.

What he is talking about does make a lot of sense for a company that is growing as fast as HTC is. Just a few years ago they were yet another OEM for other brands. Now they are a veritable brand themselves. What made this happen was their innovative products both in terms of pricing and design.

If they were to make a tablet, they would have to find a way of standing out in the crowd or else it wouldn’t work in their favor. Now let’s consider the options that they have to choose from.

Why HTC Is Likely To Make A Windows 8 Tablet

They could make an Android tablet. Android is already available. It has seen multiple updates and has a growing third-party ecosystem. However, despite what Google has to say, Android is still not fully ready for tablets. Besides, there are lot of other Android tablets already out there and none of them are doing well against market leader iPad. Besides, HTC already has an Android tablet (Flyer) and that hasn’t really worked out so far.

HTC could use their own operating system but then developing that would require extra expertise and manpower and time that they don’t have. Every platform that they will be competing with has been around for quite some time.

So the logical choice seems to make a Windows 8 tablet. Windows 8 has what it takes to set HTC apart from the rest. It is designed for tablet use and has the Windows user base behind it. Even though other major companies are planning to make Windows 8 tablets, HTC’s workmanship can make for an offering that is much better than the others. Also, HTC knows how to stay focused on one agenda unlike other larger companies who have multiple priorities to serve. So even though Chou hasn’t really hinted at a platform so far, it is likely to be Windows 8.

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