HP Working On Windows 8 Tablets And Hybrids For Businesses

Hp Widnows 8 Tablet Business

HP is rebooting its tablet initiatives but this time it is only for businesses and Enterprise level customers.

HP Working On Windows 8 Tablets For The Corporate

Your office might soon be taken over by Windows 8 tablets made by HP or at least that is what the company hopes will happen once Windows 8 launches. The world’s largest PC maker has revived its tablet aspirations in what will be the company’s third attempt at making a tablet that sells. The last attempts had to be aborted prematurely with the last one ending up in a fire sale of sorts.

This time, HP has decided that the consumer level market has already been taken over by the rest of the industry (read the iPad and the Kindle Fire), so it will not concentrate on offering tablets to the businessman instead of the common man. It will be focusing on Enterprises and SMBs (small to medium businesses) for now but there’s always the possibility of the firm diversifying later and re-entering the consumer market.

Todd Bradley, executive vice president of HP’s Personal Systems group, spoke at the Global Influencer Summit and said that HP was working with partners to gain a foothold in the global tablet market. They are trying again after the unsuccessful launch of the HP TouchPad — their last attempt.

“Our strategy is around partnering with Microsoft and bringing Windows 8 tablets to the market place. It’s not to say that this [partnership] is forever – markets evolve,” said Bardley while answering questions. He then said that their products will “…have a more enterprise and small business focus than a consumer focus.”

HP did not reveal any further information regarding the tablets and Bradley said this was because the event was not a place for such information to be announced. He mentioned that it was all about thin and light devices that help you consume information. And it isn’t about creating content and data, which why they had separated the announcements from the Ultrabook Spectre XT launch.

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