HP Is Making An ARM-Based Windows 8 Tablet

Hp Slate Windows Tablet_thumb.jpg 1Of course everybody’s making an Windows Tablet and now sources have revealed that HP continues to be one of them and is working on an ARM based Windows 8 tablet.

HP Looking At Various Tablet And Hybrid Designs For Windows 8

HP is working on Windows 8 tablets and hybrids, sources close to the matter have revealed to CNET who posted about it earlier this week. It is of course a surprise to one as the entire PC industry readies itself for the biggest revolution ever for Microsoft.

According to the report, HP is busy considering two different models for Windows 8 tablet — one fully tablet and another hybrid. One of these models will be based on the next-generation Intel Atom processor that was also revealed earlier this week at the Mobile World Congress. The other is supposed to use an ARM SoC from Qualcomm and that is quite possibly just another way of spelling Snapdragon. Given the form factors, the hybrid is likely to run on Intel and the true tablet to run on silicon from Qualcomm.

In fact, this story fits in with what HP CEO Meg Whitman said earlier this month. Her statement suggested that HP will bring out a tablet using ARM as well as Intel.

One more source claims that the company is working on a 10.1inch model that will start going in to mass production in July this year.

Windows on ARM will not receive a preview as with the Intel version that was released this week at MWC 2012. WoA (Windows on ARM) will be available to Microsoft partners directly for manufacturing. So the only way the common public will get their hands on it is through a legitimately released product or through a leak on the Internet that involves hacking it in to an existing non-Windows 8 ARM device.

HP is known as the world’s largest PC manufacturer and it is definitely going to go all out to sell Windows 8 PCs when the OS is finally ready at the end of this year.

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