How to View Hidden Files in Windows 8

It is very important to learn how to view hidden files in Windows 8 and to do so read the tutorial below.
How to View Hidden Files in Windows 8

Why to Hide Files and View them After Hiding?

While using computer it is quite obvious that you might have some secret files which you do not want to share with anyone else. If you are using a computer system at your home you cannot stop everyone from using it. When this is the case you should hide your files by marking them as Hidden. When you mark your files as Hidden they are not visible to anyone, not even to you. In case you want to view your hidden files you need to configure your computer to show hidden files and folders.

When you configure your computer to display hidden files, files or folders which are marked as hidden are displayed. It is recommended that whenever you configure your operating system to display hidden files you should revert back the settings to default, that is, not to show hidden files once you are done working with them. As a Windows 8 user if you want to configure your computer to show all hidden files, folders and drives you are required to follow the steps below:

1 Logon to your Windows 8 computer.
2 Press Windows + R keys to get Run command box.
3 In the available field type in the letter assigned to the drive (followed by a colon sign) in which you have saved your hidden file and hit enter key.
Type Assigned Drive Letter
4 On the opened window click on File and click on Changes folder and search options.
 Click on Changes folder and search options
5 On Folder Options box go to View tab and from the list select Show hidden files, folders and drives.
Select Show Hidden Files Radio Button
6 Click on Ok button to save.

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