Uninstall And Get Rid Of Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8

Uninstall Internet Explorer 10_Thumb.jpg 1If you want to uninstall Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8, here’s how you would do it. I recommend to keep it, using multiple browsers for specific purposes can help you to increase your PC security.

Windows 8 comes with Internet Explorer 10. Though Internet explorer 10 is much faster and better in all the performance measures than its predecessors, most of the users are familiar with Google Chrome or Firefox or Opera. If you don’t want to use Internet Explorer 10, then it’s better to uninstall it. If you want to uninstall it from your system, follow the instructions below.

1. Open the Run windows by pressing Windows and R simultaneously. Type “appwiz.cpl” without quotes and click Ok.

Open Control Panel

2. Now in the left pane of Control Panel, you will see Turn windows feature on or off. Click on it to open Windows Feature window.

Change Windows Feature

3. Next Windows Feature Window will appear . Uncheck the checkbox beside Internet Explorer 10 and click Ok.

 Windows Feature window

4. It will alert you before changing.

 Alert before change

Once it is done, it will prompt you to Restart. You can also restart later if you have any other important work going on.


After restarting you will not see the internet explorer in metro user interface.

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