How to uninstall a program using Command Prompt in Windows 8

By now, you must have known or heard of how to uninstall a program in Windows 8 through Control Panel. But in case you do not want to use Control Panel, or are in the safe mode, you can easily uninstall a program through Command Prompt using administrative rights. Although this method works fine, we do not recommend you do it, instead uninstall using the Programs & Features option in Control Panel.

Uninstall using Command Prompt

1. Right click on the bottom left of the screen and click Open Command Prompt (Admin) to open up CMD in elevated mode.

Right click Start Menu and click Open Start Menu elevated

2. Type wmic and press Enter

Type wmic in CMD and press Enter

3. Type product get name and press Enter to get a list of installed programs on your computer. Please note that this list might not include all programs as included in the Programs & Features option in Control Panel.

Type product name

4. In my case, I will be uninstalling the Adobe Community Help program and here would be the exact command for it

Adobe Community Help call uninstall

Call uninstall


This isn’t and shouldn’t be the recommended method for uninstalling any app. We strongly recommend using the Windows Programs Features, or else you are solely responsible for any loss of apps.

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