How to turn on or off spell checker option in Windows 8

We all know that Microsoft Office has a built-in Spell checker option that we proudly use to spell-check and grammar-check our Word documents. However, did you know that Windows 8 also has a built-in spell-checker option that you can enable or disable? Please note that this option is only included in Windows Store (Metro) Apps and Internet Explorer (IE10). Here is how to turn it on or off in Windows 8:

Slider for spelling

1. Search for PC settings by pressing Windows Hot Key + F, selecting Settings and clicking Change PC Settings.

Click change pc settings

2. Click Change PC settings on the bottom right corner of the screen

Change PC settings

3. In the General tab, turn the slider on or off on the right pane, right under the Spelling option. This would enable or disable the spell-checker option.

Slider On of Off in General Tab

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