How to Turn Off Firewall in Windows 8

To learn how to turn off firewall in Windows 8 go through the following tutorial.
How to Turn Off Windows Firewall in Windows 8

How Windows Firewall Works?

With every latest release of its operating system Microsoft increases security by including more sophisticated features in Windows Firewall. In a nutshell Windows Firewall can be considered as a gatekeeper of Windows which checks and verifies if incoming or outgoing packets are authorized to do so. Default nature of Windows built-in firewall is that it blocks all incoming packets.

In Microsoft Windows Vista or above operating systems, Windows Firewalls automatically allow incoming packets from the trusted parties by creating rules. The parties are considered to be trusted if users have installed their corresponding application deliberately, that is, with administrators’ consents. It is strongly recommended that you should never disable Windows firewall until you have any third-party hardware or software firewall which has proved itself to be more efficient as compared to Windows built-in firewall
However if as a Windows 8 user you still want to disable it you can follow the steps given as below:
1 Logon to Windows 8 computer with administrative credentials.
2 Click on Start button and from the options available on the screen click on Control Panel.
Click on Control Panel
3 On the opened window click on More Settings option from the bottom of the list in the left pane.
Click on More Settings
4 On the appeared window click on Windows Firewall.
Click on Windows Firewall
5 On Help protects your computer with Windows Firewall Window click on Turn Windows Firewall on or off link that is available in the left pane.
Click on Turn Windows Firewall on or off
6 On the opened window click on Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended) radio buttons under both Home or work (private) network location settings and Public network location settings sections to turn the firewall off.
Click on Turn off Windows Firewall Radio Buttons on both sections
7 To save the changes that you have made click on Ok button.

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