How to turn “Airplane Mode” On or Off in Windows 8?

The airplane mode is pretty handy if you travel a lot. Here’s how to quickly turn it on or off

Airplane Mode Image

What is Airplane Mode?

In Airplane Mode, all wireless connection with the devices are stopped and the device is disconnected from any kind of wireless network. As this is related to wireless networks, this mode is present only in devices having Wi-Fi in that. Normal desktops don’t have any Wi-Fi, thus, this option is absent there.

If you want to turn the Airplane Mode ON or OFF , see the steps below.

1. Navigate to the Desktop by pressing Windows + M .

2. Click on the network icon the bottom right corner of the Desktop .

click on Network Icon

3. Now on the top of the coming screen, you will see “Airplane Mode” written there. Also there is a switch beside that.
Click on the right of that switch to make it OFF or switch to left to OFF.

Airplane Mode

There is also another way to reach “Airplane Mode”.

1. Press Windows + I to open More Settings and then clicking on the Network.

open More Settings

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