How To Synchronise Settings Across All your Windows 8 Devices

Windows 8 is designed to be used by a diverse range of devices to create a unified experience. If you are using various devices with the operating system, this guide will show you how to synchronise the settings.

Synchronising Settings across all your Windows 8 Devices

If you have multiple devices running the Windows 8 operating system, then it’s possible to synchronise your personal settings across all the devices. This includes such things as settings for apps, your passwords, your website history, and so on. All of this helps to create a more unified experience across all the Windows 8 devices you use.


Just follow the steps below.


First, open the Charms bar. You can do this by sliding from the right side of the screen to the left.
When the Charms bar opens up on the right, choose Settings. Then choose Change PC Settings.



You need a Microsoft account because that’s how Windows 8 personal settings are synchronised. If you’re using a standard account, it can be changed to a Microsoft account. Press Users on the left side of the screen. Select Switch to Microsoft account.


After you logged into your Microsoft account, you have to Trust you PC if you want to synchronise passwords and settings. You can share your settings with and PC that you Trust. Make sure not to Trust shared public PCs.
Open the Charms bar and open Settings. Choose Users and then select Trust this PC.



You’ll be taken to a website. There, log in to your Microsoft account. Confirm the PC as Trusted, when you’re asked.
Press OK and then press OK again.


Using your Microsoft account, you can log in to your other Windows 8 devices. Go onto Settings and Trust the device you’re using, as you did in Step 3. After your device is Trusted, you will have the same personal settings, as well as your internet settings and so on both devices.

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