How to sync your settings between several PCs in Windows 8 ?

If you want to know how to Sync Your Settings between PCs in Windows 8, go through this tutorial.

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If you are using a Microsoft account to sign in to your PC, running Windows 8, then you can able to sync your PC settings with your Microsoft account. Using this feature you can easily change settings of your other confirmed trusted PCs running Windows 8 with the same Microsoft account or Windows Live ID. That means if you change settings in one trusted PC, the effect will also reflect on other trusted PCs having same Microsoft account while Sync your settings is turned on.

You can sync the following settings between your trusted PCs using same Microsoft account.

  • Personalize – Colors, background, lock screen, and your account picture.
  • Desktop personalization – Themes, taskbar, and more.
  • Ease of Access – Settings for Narrator, Magnifier, and more.
  • Language preferences – Keyboards, other input methods, display language, and more.
  • App settings – Certain settings in your apps.
  • Browser settings – History, bookmarks and favorites.
  • Other Windows settings – Windows Explorer and mouse settings.
  • Sign-in info – For some apps, websites, networks, and HomeGroup.

Follow the steps to turn your sync settings on or off for your Microsoft user account in Windows 8.

The following steps will serve your purpose.

Steps to go offline on the new messaging app in Windows 8

1. First of all you need to switch to a Microsoft Account to sign in to your PC because you will not be able to sync your settings if you are using a local user account.

Switched to Microsoft Account

2. Then make sure that the PC in the Trusted PC list in your Windows Live ID My Account settings. If you have not done it yet, then you need to verify your PC (PC name) by e-mail verification or mobile verification methods to enlist your Windows 8 PC (PC name) as a trusted PC in your Windows Live ID My Account settings.

Confirm PC

3. Now, Open the Charms Bar by pressing (Windows + C) keys, and click on the Settings option. Or you can press (Windows + I) keys to open Settings Charms bar directly.

Charms Screen

4. Next, click on More Settings option.

More PC Settings

5. Metro Control Panel Window will appear. Select Sync your settings option in the left pane.

Click Sync Your Settings

6. Now, move the slider right to turn it on and move the slider left to turn it off.

Sync Settings On

Sync Settings Off

7. You are also able to turn on or off any of the individual settings to sync between your PCs.

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