How To Shutdown Windows 8 The Easy Way, Using Microsoft Metro Apps

A pair of Microsoft’s seal of approval bearing app make the process of restarting, logging-off or shutting down much easier than what the user has to go through on the stock version of Windows 8.
shutting down Windows 8

Two Microsoft Approved Apps make for easy shutdown and restarting on Windows 8

Microsoft Approves Of Easy Shut Down/Restart Apps

Since Windows 8 is designed to not need as many shut downs and restarts as the previous versions, Microsoft has buried the shutdown and associated options deep underneath the digital foliage. So the process of getting to these options is exceedingly non-intuitive. There are workarounds however, which we have already posted but they require a teeny bit of tinkering to make custom Metro UI tiles on the Start Screen. If you are loathe to do even that much, you will definitely like what Woody Leonhard of InfoWorld has found on the Microsoft website.

Hidden deep inside the website as mentions of two apps that make life a lot easier for users who want to shut down and restart frequently.

To shutdown/restart from the Metro UI, you will have to get the Charms bar out, go to the Settings charm and then choose the Power option which will have the Shut down and Restart options. Alternatively, you will have to press Alt+F4 on the Desktop to bring up a special dialog that gives you options for shutting down, restarting or putting the device to sleep. Since you are probably using Windows 8 on a desktop or laptop that has no touchscreen, the experience would rate quietly high on frustration and inefficiency.

Now go to the Microsoft Gadgets site for personalization by using this link —

…and find one of these two apps —

Control System with Clock by Keat
TOP – Vista Shutdown Control by Markus

Install any one and you will be pleasantly surprised with a sudden appearance of icons that are one-click shortcuts for shut down, restart, sleep and log off. And both come with clocks. How splendid!

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