How to share your internet connection and make your Windows 8 a wifi hotspot

For long, many people have been simply relying on using Wireless modems such as 3G and Wimax for using Wireless internet. What if you don’t have any one of these? Luckily enough, if you have no 3G modem or Wifi device and want to use internet connection on your devices, it is possible with Windows 8. Although the built-in features are the ones that we recommend, if you really want to get rid of hassles, there is a simple program named Virtual Router Plus. This small utility does everything for you and converts your internet connection on Windows 8 as a hotspot for other devices to connect through it. No coding, or changes required. Here is how you can make your Windows 8 internet connection a wifi hotspot:

Virtual Router Plus Windows 8 wifi hotspot

1. Visit the following website and download VirtualRouter Plus 2.1.0

Click Virtual Router Plus

2. Once downloaded, open up the ZIP file and extract the files to any directory. I created a VirtualRouter Plus directory in my C:\ drive and extracting all files in it. Click Extract

Click Extract

3. Once extracted, run the VirtualRouterPlus.exe file

Click Virtual Router Plus application to start it

4. You would now see the SSID of the router. Leave it unchanged. Select the internet connection you want to share through your WiFi. Since I only got a LAN connection to be shared, I would select it. Set the password and click Start Virtual Router Plus. Within moments it would get minimized automatically to the system taskbar. Now select any of your device and connect through the password. It works perfectly fine on my iPhone 4.

Click Start virtual router plys

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