How to Setup Outlook in Windows 8

A step by step guide on setting up Outlook for Windows 8 users.

Microsoft Outlook 2013 and Windows 8

Microsoft Outlook 2013, otherwise called Outlook 15, is part of the Microsoft Office 2013 suite and is additionally available as a standalone download from the Microsoft site.

Microsoft have kept the look and feel close to previous versions. Setup is also similar to that for previous operating systems.


There are a few new features however. With Skydrive being incorporated, Metro style client interface, live tiles, improved mechanization, and more developed characteristics, Outlook 2013 offers something new for those looking to upgrade.

To get these features you of course have to first install and setup Outlook 2013.Follow the following steps to get started!


Tap or click Outlook 2013 (the live tile) on the Metro-style client interface. If you do not see it you will need to download the programme from the official website.


If you are on the Desktop and need to switch to the Metro-style client interface, open the Charms bar by pressing Windows + C key.


Tap Start on the Charms bar and your Metro UI will open up. Click the Outlook 2013 tile.


Once opened, you will see Welcome to Outlook 2013 (the highest point of the screen will show Welcome to Microsoft Outlook 15) window. Click Next on the window to continue. On the Add an Email Account screen, tap Yes and after that Next to begin setting up an email account in Microsoft Outlook.


On the Auto Account Setup screen, verify that the E-mail Account is chosen. Enter your name in the Your Name field. Similarly fill in all the points of interest in the obliged fields.


Assuming that you need to set up your email record, click the option adjacent to Manual setup or extra server sorts and afterwards click Next. Follow the rest of the on-screen guidelines, enter all the obliged information requested including server data and so forth and complete the setup.


If you need Outlook to automatically look and integrate all the email settings, essentially click the Next option without selecting the Manual setup or extra server sorts catch.

Viewpoint 2013 will automatically fill in all the settings and load up your Inbox when done.

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