How To Set Up Windows 8 For Family Safety

Windows 8 makes it relativley simple to set up a secure and family safe operating system so you do not have to keep tabs on younger family members all the time they have access to the computer. Here is how.

Setting up Family Safety on Windows 8

You may want to restrict certain parts of Windows 8 from younger members of the family like blocking Facebook from your child, for example. Or maybe you want to stop their usage of the computer after 9 pm. But, obviously you want unaltered access to the computer when you’re using it yourself. Here’s how to set up Family Safety on Windows 8.



First of all, make your PC is set up properly. Instead of using a single user account for all your family, you need to seperate and have one account each. At the Start screen, open up the Charms bar. Click Settings and then choose Change PC Settings. Click the Users section.



Now you can make a new user account with standard rights. This means they’ll have restricted acces and therefore no way to harm your pc. Go to the bottom of the page. Click the + sign next to Add a User. To create local accounts that are restricted, you must click Sign in without a Microsoft account.



Choose Local Account. Place the name of the user in the box at the top. Choose if you wish the account to protected password. It’s recommended to remember the password in case of any problems with this account in the future.


Click the Is This A Child’s Account box. Press Finish. The new user has been created. Do this for everyone in your family. Press the Windows key and you will be back at the Start screen. Type Family Safety. Click Settings. Choose Family Safety. You’ll be at the contol panel now.


If you wish to restrict the web access, pick an account name. Press Web Filtering and Set Web Filtering Level. Choose Designed for Children for a young child. Choose Online Communication for an older child. You also have the option to click Allow List Only and then press the link to set the sites you want to allow.


Press User Settings. Press Time Limits. Set the allowed time (for example, one hour a day) with the link at the top. When you set this curfew you’re restricting the time your child can use the PC.



Go to User Settings. The two links down below are for setting what that user can and can’t download from the Windows 8 Store. It also sets, in relation to games and apps, what then appropriate ages are.


It’s possible to see the users activity log if you wish. At the User Settings, on the right side, click View Activity Reports and you can view what the user has been doing. This even includes blocked sites they may have attempted to visit or just the overall time they used.

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