How to Search in Windows 8

In order to learn how to search in Windows 8, just go through the tutorial below.
How to User Search in Windows 8

When and Why to Use Search?

If you are an old user of computers and are always busy, there might be times when you have saved or stored your files somewhere in your computer and didn’t care to remember the location where you have stored them. After some time you might completely forget about the files and their locations. In such cases it becomes quite difficult to search a particular file if you need it urgently. To help you with these critical situations Microsoft Windows have a feature named Search which allows you to type in the name of the file and hit enter key. If the file exists in that location it will be displayed along with its full part describing its location.

A small search box is available and top right corner of any opened window below standard toolbar. As a Windows 8 user if you want to use this search box you are required to follow the steps given as below:

1 Logon to your Windows 8 computer with any credentials.

2 Double-click on Computer icon available on the desktop (it will only be available if you have customized your desktop settings and have placed Computer icon on it) and go to the desired drive partition where you want to search the required file. If you have not placed Computer icon on the desktop you can still go to the desired partition by typing its drive letter followed by a colon sign in Run command box and pressing enter key.

3 On the opened Window type in the name of the desired file in the Search bar at the top right corner and hit enter key to view the results.
Type the Name of File

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