How to Run CHKDSK in Windows 8

To learn how to run CHKDSK in Windows 8 go through the tutorial below.
How to Run CHKDSK in Windows 8

When to Use CHKDSK

It doesn’t matter if you are using a laptop PCs or desktop it is quite obvious that sometimes your PC automatically gets turned off abruptly. The reason behind this can be anything like instant power failure, crashed operating system, etc. Whatsoever the case is if this instantaneous turning off keeps on happening every now and then it may either damage your hard disk by creating bad sectors in it or sometimes it may also create some errors and may prevent you from accessing the data stored in some particular sectors which became unreadable. To rectify these problems a feature named CHKDSK (Check Disk) is provided by Microsoft which, when executed, scans for and fixes errors in the hard disks.
As a Windows 8 user if you want to fix errors of your hard disk you are required to follow the steps given below:

1 Logon to Windows 8 computer with administrative privileges.
2 Create a shortcut of CMD.EXE file on the desktop. (Path for the file is C:\Windows\System32).
3 Right click on the created desktop shortcut and from the available menu click on Runs as administrator.
Click Run as administrator
4 From the appeared User Account Control (UAC) confirmation box click on Yes button.
Click Yes on User Account Control Box
5 On the opened command box type CHKDSK command followed by the drive letter with colon sign.
6 Provide appropriate parameters like /F or /R to fix errors of the hard disk or to repair bad sectors and extract readable information from them respectively. (E.g. CHKDSK C: /F or CHKDSK C: /R)
Type Command with Appropriate Parameters
7 Hit enter key to execute the provided command.

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