How to restore Windows 8 to previous state, configuration point

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Got a restore point? Great, let’s restore Windows 8 to a previous state, a known-to-be-working configuration point
restoring windows 8 to previous configuration

It is quite probable that you may make some unwanted change in system configuration by changing registry or installing some problematic application. In such
cases you may need to go back to previous configuration to undo the effects.
This tutorial will help you to achieve that goal.

Steps to restore Windows 8 to previous configuration


You need to create & maintain a “Restore point” beforehand so that you can go back to the restore point (i.e. the configuration on a particular day) as needed.

So now you need to know how to make a restore point.

Open “Control Panel” & click “More settings”.


Now search for “Restore point” by writing it the search box on the upper right hand side of the control panel window.


Click Create a restore point. After the following window appear click “Create…”


Write a description as you want & click “Create”.


You can see that restore point creation is being done.


Restore Your PC now

Go back to the control panel screen & search for “Restore point” by writing it the search box on the upper right hand side of the control panel window.

Under the System heading click “Restore system files and settings from a restore point”.


You may choose Recommended restore or Choose a different restore point & click Next.


If you have selected Choose a different restore point you will see a list of “Restore Points”. Select correct one & click Next.


Now click Finish.


The following warning box will appear. Click “Yes”.


Your system will be restored. Restart your PC.

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