How to reset, crack or recover the password in Windows 8

If you lost your Windows 8 password, you can reset the password using certain tools. There are also various recovery tool that can help.

reset, crack or recover the Windows 8 password

In general there are three ways to recover lost password. You can use special tools to reset the password that is stored in the Windows 8 registry. Or you can crack the Windows 8 password. Last, but not least, you can try to find loopholes to log in via other accounts or possibly remember your password.

1. The first thing you want to try to reset the password is to log in via safe mode. If you enabled the safe mode on Windows 8, you can try to log in and reset your password.

2. If you created a password recovery disk in Windows 8, you are a lucky person, because you can easily reset the password using that disk? Did you create one? If not, create one next time

3. Various registry tools allow you to reset the password before you are actually booting. Go to to learn more about the Offline NT Password and Registry Editor that allows you to reset the password easily.

4. Tools like ophcrack allow you to crack the password. Other Live CD’s allow you to start your PC and access the hard drive. You might then be able to backup files and simply reinstall Windows 8. Installing Windows 8 takes only minutes!

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