How to register DLL files in windows 8

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This tutorial aims to give you step by step guide to register DLL files in Windows 8.

Register DLL preview

What are the DLL Files?

DLL stands for Dynamic-Link Library. It contains helper system codes. It is Microsoft’s implementation of the shared library concept in Microsoft Operating Systems. DLL files are used by many applications in Windows OS. There are mainly Two types of DLLs
A. Load-time Dynamic Linking

B. Run-time Dynamic Linking.

Some DLL files are installed automatically by Operating System and some are installed while installing other softwares.

Sometimes you may find “DLL file missing” or “DLL file corrupted” error while going to run an application. In that situation you need to re-register that missing or corrupted DLL file manually to run that application.

Steps to register DLL files in windows 8

1. First of all put the DLL file, you want to register (here taking myex.dll for example) into C:\ directory. So, that you can find or locate the DLL file easily using Command Prompt. You may put the DLL file in any other location too.

2. Next, move your mouse cursor to the lower left corner of the screen and the Start menu pops up. Click on Search option.

 Start Menu

3. Type CMD in the Search Apps text box. Right click on the CMD icon that appears in the left side. You will see Advanced option in the bottom.

 CMD in the left side

4. Now, click on the Advanced option and then select Run as administrator option.

Run As Admin

5. In Command Prompt window, navigate to C:\ directory or the location where the DLL file is stored.

6. Now, type regsvr32 [DLL file name]. In my example the command is regsvr32 myex.dll and then press enter.

Command Prompt

7. Finally you will get confirmation message in RegSvr32 dialog box saying that DllRegisterServer in myex.dll succeeded.


You are done. Follow the same process to register other missing DLL files in your Windows 8.

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