How to Print From Metro Apps in Windows 8

Here is a guide for those looking to print directly from Metro Apps in their Windows 8 operating system.

Printing From Metro Apps

You can still print from desktop applications the traditional way in Windows 8. But with the introduction of Metro Apps, the task has become a little daunting because it involves more than just clicking the File menu and selecting Print.

The benefit, however, is more consistency through all Metro Apps.

Adding a printer in Windows 8 using the Devices and Printers from the Control Panel applet still works much like in Windows 7. If you want to use the Metro environment, you have to go through the PC Settings.


This is done by moving your mouse cursor all the way to lower right corner of the screen to launch the Charms bar then clicking on Settings.

When you have your printer properly installed and configured, you can then launch the Metro App you would like to print from. Let’s use the Metro version of Adobe Reader as an example.


Launch the Adobe Reader Touch version from the Start Screen.


Open the PDF file that you wish to print.


There are two ways to launch the printing options:

Press the Control key and the letter P at the same time to bring up the available print devices.


Move the mouse cursor the lower right corner of the screen to launch the Windows Charms bar. Click on Devices then Click on Print to bring up the available print devices.



Use the up and down keys or the mouse to select the appropriate printer. This will bring up the settings panel from the selected printer. Set the desired orientation, pages to print, and number of copies.


You can also click on More settings to specify paper size and type, color settings, and pretty much all the configuration options you get when printing from desktop mode.


Click on the Back button to go back to the previous settings screen. Click on the Print button to start printing.

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