How To Pin The Task Manager To The Start Screen and Taskbar in Windows 8?

To Pin Task Manager to Start Screen and Taskbar you don’t need to know much

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It is the responsibility of every Operating System to maintain a system monitor tool to monitor the current state of the Operating System. In Microsoft Windows platform it is famous as ‘Task Manager’ , Linux operating system also maintain such tool, called ‘System Monitor’. Unwanted malwares, unnecessary background applications and processes just chew the physical memory, processor time, resulting drastically slow down entire operating system. Hence, we need to monitor every process & background applications & services. The key points, that must be checked carefully, are applications running in the system, processes, their RAM usage, Processor usage, authenticity ( whether the process is coming from known, trustworthy application ). Without these, using task manager, you have complete view of network services, bandwidth allocation and usage statistics by different processes and services. So I think, Task manager is an essential handy tool for looking deep inside the Operating System.

We Use ALT + CTRL + DEL to open Task Manager in all other previous versions of windows operating system. The trend continues in the Windows 8 also. But do we need to salute Windows every time with my three fingers? Oh! Surely it is not. Microsoft has significantly changed the GUI look in Windows 8 than its previous versions. Classic Start Menu is replaced by stylish Metro Start screen.
Classic start menu items are now placed like tile on the start screen. And Windows 8 allows customizing the Metro UI visualization i.e. adding, removing, grouping tiles together etc. Windows 8 allows adding a tile in the Metro start screen as well as an icon in the start bar for Task Manager. So we can open task Manager in a single click.

How to Pin Task Manager To Start Screen And Taskbar

1. Start typing Task Manager on the Metro start Screen. Search result will show the Task Manager.

Search Task Manager in Metro UI

2. just Right Click on the tile. A new sidebar will appear in the bottom.

 Right click on the tile

Select Pin to Start to add a tile for Task Manager in the Metro start Screen.

Select Pin to Taskbar to add Task manager in Windows Taskbar.

 Task Manager on start screen is shown

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