How to pin Chrome Web Apps to Windows 8 Start Screen e.g. Angry Birds

This tutorial will help you to pin Chrome Apps to Windows 8 Start Screen.


One of the most elegant features of the Windows 8 is its Start Screen. This colourful screen containing live tiles not only lets you access Metro Apps in an easy way but also provides you with the features of launching various Apps like Chrome Apps. You can access them from the Start screen very easily.

First of all, let us through some light on the Chrome Apps.

How to launch Chrome Apps?

The Chrome Apps are available in the Chrome Web Store. So to install Chrome Apps in your system refer to the following steps:

Steps to install Chrome Apps:

1. Open the Google Chrome browser-> go to

You will ge list of all the Applications. In order to install any of the Apps in your system you should have a valid Gmail account. If you don’t have an account in Google click HERE

2. When you are done, Select any application and click on Add To Chrome.


3. Now click on the option which says LAUNCH APP

Launch App

Now a new Tab will open where you can find these Apps under the Apps section.

App View

Steps to pin Chrome Apps in Windows 8 Start Screen :-

5. Right click on the desired App and click Create shortcut.

Create shorcut

6. A wizard called Create application shortcuts will be displayed.-> Mark the option Start menu ->click Create. You are done!

create shortcut

7. Click the Windows button to go to the Start Screen and you can find the shortcuts of the Chrome Apps which you can access without opening the Google Chrome browser.


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