How To Open Command Prompt in Windows 8 With/Without Admin Rights

This is a tutorial for beginners. If you are new to Windows and Windows 8, you need to know that many commands can only be run via a command prompt that allows you to tweak Windows 8. here’s how you would open that command prompt.

command prompt in Windows 8

Open Regular Command Prompt

1. Click on the Metro Start button

2. Hover over Search and click on it

3. Enter command prompt into the search box as seen below:

Search command prompt in Windows 8

Open Elevated Command Prompt

Follow steps 1-2 above

4. Right-click on the green command prompt bar icon

5. At the bottom a bar with two buttons will appear. Click on Advanced and then on Run as administrator to open the command prompt with elevated admin rights
Open elevated command prompt in Windows 8

An elevated command prompt is often needed to execute commands that modify protected Windows 8 system settings e.g. the boot loader

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