How to make your Computer press a Key every (t) second in windows 8?

If you want to make your Computer press a Key every (t) Seconds in windows 8, go through the tutorial below.

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Have you ever needed to press a particular key repeatedly after a certain time interval? Suppose you need to press your space key in every 1 minute of time interval or you need to send a particular word (e.g., waiting) and followed by an Enter key. You don’t need to be there all the time, in front of your PC to perform this kind of works. In both cases, you can make your PC do the works automatically.

Follow the steps to make your Computer press a Key every (t) Second.

Steps to make your Computer press a Key every (t) second in windows 8

1. At first you need to download AutoHotkey from here and install it.

2. Now create a new script. Right-click-> New –> AutoHotkey Script.

Create New AutoHotKey Script

3. Once you’ve done that, edit the script and at the end of the script Paste the following code :

SetTimer, PressTheKey, 900000

Send, {Space}

And Save the script.

Inside the Script

4. This simple script will press the Spacebar in every 15 minutes interval. You can easily adjust the time of interval. The number 900000 in the script signifies the amount of milliseconds between two presses. So, for example, if you wanted to change the time to 10 minute, you have to replace 900000 with (10 X 60 X 1000) = 600000.

5. You can also set any other desired key or even a word to be sent after a certain interval. You just need to change the Send, {Space} line. You can add any word or letters, or you can use some of the special keys. For example, to send the word waiting and then to press the Space bar, you need to use:

Send, waiting{Space}

So, if you want to send any plain text word, you need to write that word after Send,. And if you want to press any key automatically after each interval of a certain time you need to entry the key within {}.

 Changed Script

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