How To Log In Automatically In Windows 8

This is a nice new Windows 8 tutorial that explains how to log in automatically into Windows 8

Windows 8 Logon screen

Just follow the steps below to set up an automatic login for one specific account on your Windows 8. Remember, you need a Windows Live ID for setting up an account on Windows 8.

Step 1 — Log in and wait for the Start Screen To appear. Then press WIN+R. This will take you to the Desktop and open the ‘Run’ utility for you.

Step 2 — Type in (without the angular brackets of course) and press enter. This will directly open the user accounts window on your screen.

Step 3 — First, uncheck the box that says “users must enter a user name and password to use this computer”. This will enable you to create an auto login for one of the users.

Step 4 — Now click on ‘Ok’ and you will be prompted to enter a user name password for the automatic login. Enter the credentials of the account that you want to use. If you have only one account, enter the credentials of that account. Then click ‘Ok’ and hit the Windows key again to go back to the Start Screen. Now restart the computer (you can follow our tutorial for creating one click shortcut tiles for shutdown, restart and sleep on your start screen).

Step 5 — Nothing… just sit back and watch your system log you in automatically. You will automatically be logged in and taken to the Start Screen.

This tutorial utilizes tools that were already available within Windows. So you are not hacking or tricking the computer in to anything. Auto login has been around for several versions of Windows now. It’s only that on Windows 8 it might prove a bit difficult to find since everything looks so different. Enjoy auto login for your Windows 8 machine till our next tutorial.

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