How To Keep Your Windows 8 Account Private With a Password

Security is growing more important every year and it is important to know how to keep your information safeguarded. Here is a guide on setting up a password for your Windows 8 account.

Windows 8 Password Setup

Windows 8 allows many users access the same computer. This is a great feature but sometimes you do not want certain people accessing your account – for example if you are using a work device at home or vice versa.


Passwords are more important than ever in this day and age with credit card and other financial information tied to your account in some instances. By setting up your account with a password only you know you are ensuring only you have access.


Open up the Charms Bar. If you are using a mouse simple move the pointer to the top or bottom right corner of your screen. You can also press (Windows) + (C).

If you are using a touch based device – slide your finger inwards from the right edge.

Step 2

Once the Charms appears click the Settings icon.


Select the Change PC settings at the bottom of the Settings screen. This will bring up the PC settings window.


Select the Users category on the left. Click Change Your Password – or Create a Password.


If you already had a Password you will need to enter it to change your Password. There is a way around this if you forgot and it will be covered in a future guide.


Use a password that you will remember but remains private and only relevant to you. Using various characters with a mixture of numbers and letters also strengthens your password. You will have to enter it twice.



You can setup a Password Hint if you so wish – but you can’t enter your actual password here.

Step 7

Click Next and you are finished. Welcome to a more secure Windows 8!

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