How to Keep NumLock On in Windows 8?

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If you want keep NumLock On in Windows 8, refer to the tutorial below.

numlock key

What is Numlock?

Num Lock is short for Number Lock. It is a toggle key, like Caps Lock.
The earlier 84-key IBM PC keyboards didn’t have arrows and other function buttons separate from the numeric keypad. They use the same set
of numeric keys in both purposes and the Num Lock key was used to toggle between them.

Now, on some laptops & computers, NumLock still exists, on some laptops the
NumLock key is excluded and requires a key combination to activate.

If Numlock is ON then the numbers will be printed when you press those keys. If Numlock
is OFF, then it will function like Home, End, Del etc. The complete list of those functions is
shown below.

Key Name Num Lock On Num Lock Off
Numpad 1 1 End key
Numpad 2 2 Down Arrow Key
Numpad 3 3 Page Down
Numpad 4 4 Left Arrow Key
Numpad 5 5 Clear Key
Numpad 6 6 Right Arrow Key
Numpad 7 7 Home key
Numpad 8 8 Up Arrow Key
Numpad 9 9 Page Up
Numpad 0 0 Insert key
Numpad . . Delete key

1.Login to Windows 8 computer.
Type “regedit” in the Start Menu and hit ENTER.


2.In the left pane of Registry Editor box navigate to HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Keyboard. Right click on the keyboard and from the option go to New.


3.Now from the New.Click onDWORD (32-bit) Value in the sub menu to create a new entry.


4.In the right pane specify the new created entry as InitialKeyboardIndicators.
Double click in InitialKeyboardIndicators which open a box Edit String.
In the value data put 2 to permanently turn on NumLock every time when the computer starts.


Click OK to save the changes. Now restart your computer to allow the changes.

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