How to install Windows 8 themes

If you want to make Windows 7 or XP look like Windows 8, you need to know how to install the Windows 8 themes. Usually, it’s not that difficult, but if you have problems, here are some basic instructions.
Installing Windows 8 Themes

Installing Windows 8 Shell Themes

The most important folder for installing Windows 8 shell themes is the folder C:\Windows\Resources\Themes – this goes for both Windows XP and Windows 7. Also, both XP and 7 require a theme patcher which you need to download first. For XP it’s the Patcher.exe and for Windows 7 the UXTheme patcher.

Installing Themes On XP.
On Windows XP, simply extract the theme files to the folder. Most Windows XP include a file called Patcher.exe that is required to install shell themes on Windows XP. You can them double-click the .theme file that you downloaded and the theme will be installed on your PC:

Installting Themes on Windows 7
On Windows 7 installing themes is a bit more complicated. First of, you need to download the UXtheme patcher. You can do that here: Download UXTheme patcher

After downloading the Windows 7 UXTheme patcher, applying it and rebooting you can proceed with installing the actual themes.

Where to copy Windows 8 themes

You need to copy the folder and the .theme file with the exact same name to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes

Finally, replace the explorer.exe. To do that you need to take ownership of the file, which is a bit complicated, but doable for beginners. Play around with a test file and right-click on it, then on Properties. On there you can take ownership and change the permissions for the file on the tab Security. It will take a while until you figure out how it all works or you can download some of the many “Take Ownership scripts” online.

We will add more instructions to this post and will answer your questions, so post them below! We will get back to you asap.

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