How to install Windows 8 on a new partition using custom Installation

If you want to install Windows 8 on a new partition, read this guide that explains how to access the “advanced” installation options

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Do you want to give Windows 8 a try? But not sure to use Windows 8 as your Primary Operating System. Don’t worry, you can easily dual boot Windows 8 with your existing operating system. You just need a free Primary partition on your hard disk to install Windows 8. First of all you need to download 32 bit or 64 bit .iso file of Windows 8. Then Burn it to a DVD carefully.

Now, follow these steps carefully to install Windows 8 on a new partition.

1. Insert the DVD of Windows 8 and reboot the machine. It will automatically start to load the Windows files from your bootable DVD. If it does not detect the bootable Windows 8 installation DVD then make sure you have changed the boot option in the BIOS menu so that your optical drive is recognized before your active primary hard drive.

language preference

2. Set language preferences and then install Windows 8.

install now

3. When you are opted for Custom or Installation. Click on Custom(Advanced) .

select custom

4. Then select the drive except the current Windows directory and install Windows 8.
When the installation is finished and machine is rebooted, then you will see two option for booting Windows Developer Preview and the previous one.

dual os

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