Install Windows 8 In Less Than 11 Clicks

Microsoft has released new information regarding the install process of the upcoming Windows 8; highlighting the speed and efficiency of the new install process.

Windows 8 To Be Faster And Simpler For Upgrade And Install

Download And Upgrade To Windows 8 Directly On Your PC

Microsoft has been hard at work making all aspects of the upcoming Windows 8 as advanced and streamlined as possible. This has extended to the upgrade experience as well. So far, the upgrade and installation process on every Windows has been tedious at best and complicated at worst. Even Windows 7 might take over 4 hours to complete installing. However, these are soon to be things of the past.

Microsoft is now implementing several different methods of installation and that includes online installation. This is going to be Microsoft’s preferred mode of installation over users buying physical discs from brick and mortar stores. Whether there will be a lower price on the online version, as an added incentive, has not been commented on.

The online installation will first start by examining your system for compatibility with Windows 8’s requirements. Since the basic requirements are very low, we are looking at a huge possible install base. Once this check is complete, the system asks you to choose the language the set up starts.

11 Clicks, No Need To Input License Key, Both Simple And Advanced Version Available

Microsoft will embed the license key inside the Windows 8 install ISO that the person is downloading. This means you don’t have to stop midway and enter the license key. This ISO can be legally made in to a bootable disc or USB stick. Also, Microsoft’s simplified installation process has brought down the number of onscreen clicks from somewhere around 60 to as low as 11.

These are the features for those want a simplified boot experience — which is most people. However, there will always be those who want more advanced control. This includes people who want to create a dual boot, install on a separate partition and perform other advanced tasks during the installation. For this Microsoft has an advanced version of the installer which grants the user all the necessary options and tools.

The simplified tool is included in the online upgrade experience. Online upgrades will be seamless and will take you from your current Windows straight in to Windows 8 without much headache on the user’s part. It will allow you keep your current accounts and personal files or just the files or upgrade in to a clean and empty system.

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