How To Install Old Programs in Windows 8

There will be many programs you may come across that were designed with Windows 7,Vista or even XP in mind. Here’s how to make sure they work with Windows 8.1

Using Old Programs in Windows 8

In case you have a program that used to work with other previous versions of Windows; Windows 7,Vista and XP, but can’t run in Windows 8 here is a simple procedure you can use in order to see if it’s possible to get it working on Microsoft’s latest operating system.

Old-Programs-Windows- 8-3 


Ensure that you have disabled your firewall and windows defender temporary for smooth installation of the program.


Go to the control panel through holding the windows button on your keyboard + Q as a shortcut. Under the program features button click run programs made for previous versions of windows.

Old-Programs-Windows- 8 


A pop-up window comes up, on the bottom of this pop-up click the advanced tab and make sure to check the small box on the right hand corner (Apply repairs automatically) and Run as administrator click next to proceed.

Your computer will run a quick check to detect issues and a list of programs will be displayed. Choose not listed option and proceed to the next step


You will be prompted to choose the program file’s location, use the browse button to choose the location which can be either in the internal storage or external storage of the computer. Once you have chosen the location click next.


The computer will make a quick check to resolve issues, the settings applied will be displayed to show you the version of windows the compatibility has been done with. Click the “start the program” button. Once your program has opened click the next button.


Among the options that pop-up choose the option “yes, save this settings for this program”.

Old-Programs-Windows- 8-1 

The computer will notify you its saving the settings and detecting any additional issues. Once its complete close the window using the button at the bottom right corner.


Re-enable the windows firewall and windows defender and now you can run your program and use it.

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