How to install DreamScene on Windows 8

If you want to install DreamScene on Windows 8, then refer to the tutorial below.

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What is Dream Scene?

Windows Vista had a function called DreamScene. The main attraction of it was that, It allow users to set videos having .wmv or .mpeg format as a desktop background. The application DreamScene does the same thing, i.e., set videos as wallpapers, where this option is not available.
After downloading the program, you have to run the file with administrative privileges. Then a new option “Set as Desktop Background” will appear in the Video File Context Menu. You can see how it works.

DreamScene works successfully in Windows 7. But in Windows 8 developers preview version, it fails to perform. If you have downloaded it and run as a administrator, then this icon will be shown over there.

DreamScene icon

Next when you click to open , it will ask you to install Dreamscene as usual it does in windows 7.

Ask to Install

Then the problem comes. When you try to install , it will show you an error message telling “You must have Windows 7 to use DreamScene Seven”

Error in Installation

All the patches available in the internet, are not working in Windows 8. So you can only wait for the release ofDreamScene for Windows 8.

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