How to install custom icons in Windows 8 (Desktop Customization)

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If you are new to customizing Windows, read our tutorial how to install icons in Microsoft’s latest iteration Windows 8

Installing Custom Icons

Sometimes you may want to add new icons created by yourself or found elsewhere in existing windows library.In such a situation this tutorial is really going to be helpful to you. You can easily create new customized .ico files and use them as your custom icons. process.
Just follow these steps properly to install custom icons in Windows 8.

A. Get new icons

You can create your own icons using various drawing editor like paint or Adobe Photoshop etc.
There are also some free sites to create icons online like this.
Create an icon and save it as “.ico”. For example I have created this one:- My Icon

If you have not already created your own icon you can download icons from this site or from this site.
Save this to your desktop.

B. Use the new icon

Say you want to change the windows explorer icon. Follow these simple steps.

1. Go to Metro UI screen & right click on the “Windows Explorer” icon. As soon as you click you will see “Advanced” option in the bottom right corner.

Right Click

2. Click on “Advanced” icon & select “Open file location”.

Open file Location

3. After the window has opened right clock on “windows explorer” & click on “Properties”.


4. In the properties window go to “Shortcut” tab. Press “Change Icon”.

Change Icon

5. Now browse drives & select Icon to apply. Select “fav.ico” from Desktop (previously saved) & “open” it.


Select Icon

6. Now, press “ok”.


7. Click “ok” (or “apply” & then “ok”).

Finalize icon

8. Close all the opened windows & go back to Metro UI screen. You will see that “windows Explorer” icon has been changed.

Changed Icon of explorer

Follow these steps again to change another icon.

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