How To Improve Audio In Windows 8

Once you have the basic audio controls figured out in Windows 8 , you may want to make sure everything sounds as it should. Here is how!

Checking Audio in Windows 8

There are now a multitude of different audio inputs and outputs that you connect to and from your devices. Windows 8 allows most to work without any problems but occasionally you may encounter a few issues. Knowing your way around the playback options will help you fix these easily and quickly in the future.


Right click the volume icon in the bottom right hand side of your computer display. You should see an option of “Playback Devices”. Click Playback Devices and you will now be able to view all of your device audio output options!


This very handy and it shows you everything that can be used and audio output on your device – headphone jack,speakers and HDMI are normally staples of most systems.


On the playback devices window you can right click any audio sources to “Test” it. When you press the “Test” option the selected audio device – should- emit a tone.


A tone should be emitted from each output depending on what you selected – ie Left and Right speaker.


Listen carefully to audio device you are testing and ensure that the tone sounds balanced throughout.

If one tone sounds quieter than another than their may be a fault with your computer speakers,headphones or audio device.

Alternativley you could have hearing problems but hopefully that is not the case!


To check your audio device’s settings ,simply click “Properties” on the device you wish to analyse.


There will be quite a bit of information here but the one to look out for is the levels tabs

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