How to Hide Taskbar in Windows 8

If you want to hide Taskbar in Windows 8, just read the instructions below.
How to Hide Taskbar in Windows 8

Why Should You Hide Taskbar

While using some graphically rich application on Windows 8 it might be possible that the entire interface of that application does not fit on the full-screen of your computer monitor. In such cases what normally people do is that they change the resolution of the computer systems in order to adjust the user interface of the application within the screen.

However another option can be that users can configure their PCs to auto hide the taskbar so that it can stay behind till the time user does not take his mouse pointer to it. Configuring your computer in this manner ensures that you can utilize the full-screen space of your computer monitor to view the interface of any third-party application at its full.
As a Windows 8 user if you want to configure your operating system to auto-hide the taskbar you are required to follow the steps given below:
1 Logon to Windows 8 computer with any account on which you want to configure this.
2 Once opened, click on Start button and from the available options click on Desktop icon.
How to Hide Taskbar in Windows 8
3 On the Desktop Window right click on the taskbar and from the available list click on Properties.
4 On Taskbar Properties box, make sure that you are on Taskbar tab and check Auto-hide the taskbar checkbox.
Check Auto-hide the taskbar
5 Click on Ok button once you are done with configuration.

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