How to Hide Desktop Icon Text Labels in Windows

Desktop icons usually have a label – if you want to hide the icon text label you can do that. Want to know more, read this tutorial after the break.

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There are some Icons on the desktop with which we are quite familiar and so we do not need to have the name with the icons to identify them e.g., Internet Explorer, Google Chrome. So, the name unnecessarily crowds the desktop and it is better to remove the Desktop Icon text. The following tutorial will show you how to hide the Desktop Icon Text in Windows 8. Now before you go through the steps you must turn on the NUM LOCK. Because the number keys along with the special characters are not going to work. If you are using desktop then you can use the Number keypads on the right side of the keyboard. But, if you are using Laptop, then turn on NumLock . You can turn on NumLock by pressing Function+F11. It may vary from system to system. Now as the NumLock is turned on, the tiny number keys present with the alphabetical keys will start working.

The main idea behind hiding the text is renaming it with a blank character. Now if you do the same operation with another icon, a single blank name will not be legible as two folders cannot have the same name. So you have to enter two blank names. For third Icon insert 3 blank names and so on.

Steps to Hide Desktop Icon Text in Windows 8

1. Select the Icon-> Right Click and go to Rename-> Click on Rename.

Rename Icon

2. So While you rename press Alt+255. The number 255 should be pressed from the tiny number keys that are present with the Alphabetic Keys. For e.g. to write 255 you must press K+I+I.

Write  blank name

3. Now click anywhere outside the Icon, you’ll no longer see the Desktop Icon Text.

Hidden Icon Names
Now one thing you must remember for the first shortcut Alt+255 will do. But for the next shortcut you must enter the combination twice (Alt+255,Alt+255), for the third icon, enter the combination thrice and so one.

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