How to Hide and Add Apps and Tiles in Windows 8

Apps and tiles are new to Windows 8 and here’s a guide on hiding and adding the programs you want to be a part of your start screen.

Arranging Your Start Screen in Windows 8

The start screen, along with apps and live tiles, may appear pretty alien to those who are new to Windows 8. Once you get used to using the new interface however it should prove quicker and more efficient than before-especially when it comes to using your most frequently used programs and apps.

At some stage however you’re start screen lies become really messy with all the new programs and apps you might have installed so it is important to be able to maintain an easy to use and therefore easy to manage interface. Here’s a guide on adding the apps and tiles you want to be able to quickly access while removing those you don’t need.

Step 1

By default your start screen will display all apps. Clicking this will bring up the screen shown all the apps in programs that you have current installed on your operating system.

This will also include the tiles that are hidden from the start screen and the desktop taskbar.

Step 2


Unlike the start menu you cannot edit this screen. The programs and apps are organised in a static all apps view. You cannot rearrange these groups and these are always presented in alphabetical order.

The best thing to do is to zoom out of the you by using the control key or the pinch gesture. You should now be able to see all the software packages and Windows features arranged alphabetically by folder.



With this alternate view you should now be able to quickly navigate all the various applications and programs you’ve installed on your computer and the ones that appear in the all apps view by simply clicking or tapping on the applications in question.

This will allow you to be able to quickly access and manage all the apps and programs you have installed during your use of the Windows 8 operating system. Once you get used to accessing the apps and programs in this manner you should be able to quickly and efficiently maintain your start screen.

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